Political component of the regional cooperation as the basis for realization of the Baltic-Black sea concept
Igor Girlea,

If to look at the broad picture, our region is struggling with the same problems. I consider that we have the same problems because our societies have many common features. First of all and most important, it is worth mentioning that we are all orthodox Christians, which means that we have the same mental framework and thus we are susceptible to have the same weaknesses. Western states and their media agenda successfully implanted in our societal brain that our main social disease is corruption. Corruption, as a phenomena known to western states is not specific for our states, it mutated because of our special social features and could not be fought basing on the western methods. I consider that we have to stop blindly listen to the western experts in the field of social constructing and thus have to figure out how to fight such phenomena as „corruption” in our own specific way, basing on the spirit of the law, developed by Montesquieu. All the other problems which exist in our region are consequences of lack of political education and experience on building the democratic state, which I consider to be some normal circumstances in this specific time period.

Our common problems characterize our common will to fight them, thus it is in our favor that we have some common problems.

Nowadays are to be considered the best time for regional cooperation, even though our region faces some strong political pressure from outside, from the both sides (EU/USA; Russian Federation). I consider it to be the best time for cooperation because EU/USA and Russian Federation are too busy with “fighting” each over, leaving a small space for maneuvering between these 2 forces for our region. Unfortunately, military actions on the territory of Ukraine limits it in maneuvering, but still, because of the formed situation on its territory, Ukraine is as independent from Russia as it never was, so it has to use this situation in its advantage.

If to speak about Moldova, I consider that know it’s the perfect timing for forming some long partnerships in the region, taking in account the fact that Romanian Government is very friendly to Moldovan Government. Romanian Government helped Moldovan citizens with 100 mln Euro before Moldova signed the IMF partnership treaty in 2016, and afterwards additionally helped with some donations and credits. Moldova and Romania are constructing some gas pipelines connections which will give Moldova an alternative in gas supply, not being dependent on Russian gas anymore. Moldova and Romania intensified their cooperation almost in every field of activity. The same is to be said about relations between Moldova and Ukraine. Ukraine, being aware of the problem on its western border (Transnistrian Region) and willing to help Moldova to tackle this problem, opened one common check point on the border to control all the commodities coming from and through Transnistrian Region. As I know, Ukraine and Moldova are now negotiating about setting few new common check points with Moldova on their official border. Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova signed a cooperation treaty on acceding to the EU together, which shows their will to cooperate. Moldova and Georgia intensified their intergovernmental activity, which means that there is a political will for cooperation.

If to be summarize, I would state that all the problems which exist in the region are to be considered some impulses for cooperation.  Being pragmatists, we have to understand that just forming a good regional cooperation there is a chance to stand in front of the big powers, this being the only one way to make those big powers take in account the will of the people from this region, otherwise we will be neglected as it was made for centuries. Our region is small and not so populated and thus we are obliged to make smart politics in order our will (will of the people from this region) to be respected.

By Igor Girlea

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