Public diplomacy without borders

One of leading world informational and analytical resources New Eastern Europe took a necessary and important initiative that aimed at support of Eastern European countries in a difficult time of pandemic. Our colleagues urge European political establishment and decision-making centers to help Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belorussia not only to counter spread of COVID-19 and to save people`s lives, but also to cope with consequences of possible social and economic crises.

Civil Diplomacy Foundation joins the initiative and encourages other representatives of civil society, experts, diplomats and politicians to intensify communication with international partners. Today we must openly talk about existing problems and resist new challenges together. Active media campaign will become the instrument to preserve the unity of European countries and the way to common victory.

Borders might be closed, but our policies need to be open. Civil society of Eastern European countries must work on it and urge international community to solidarity and consolidation.