Presentation of the book “Outlines of Russian policy”

On May 23, a presentation of the book “Outlines of Russian policy” was held at the National Library of Estonia, with the support of the Estonian School of Diplomacy and Civil Diplomacy Fund.

Anton Naychuk, the director of the Fund, presented results of the study which embraces domestic political processes in the Russian Federation, foreign policy priorities of Kremlin and possible scenarios for the development of pragmatic Ukrainian policy to restore territorial integrity and counter new challenges to national security.

As a part of the event there was also a discussion with the participation of the director of the Estonian School of Diplomacy Eke Nomn, a leading specialist Viljar Veebel and experts from the Ukrainian side – Andriy Krugashov and Oleksandra Reshmedilova. The participants discussed scenarios for the resolution of the conflict in Donbass, the prospects for the deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission, the consequences of the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula, the role of economic sanctions against Russia and effective mechanisms to counteract destabilizing foreign policy of the Russian side. During the discussion the experts attempted to reflect on the geopolitical, social and historical implications of Russian actions in Ukraine and to determine conditions under which the political dialogue between the official Kyiv and Moscow could be stabilized.

The event has become an important tool for the development of public diplomacy and building of expert communication under the lead of Estonia and Ukraine.