About us

Successive diplomacy is a basis for development of state on the international scene, mechanism to search reliable foreign partners and irreplaceable channel for communication with international community. If politicians struggle for the next day, diplomats win war for eternity.

In modern geopolitical realities Ukrainian nation mostly requires deliberate foreign policy decisions, aimed actualization of Ukrainian question in agenda of influential international players, development of perspective intergovernmental contacts, which are able to bring real political and economic gains, dissemination of Ukrainian culture abroad and unification of all ethnic Ukrainians regardless of their territorial residence around idea to build powerful and prosperous Ukraine.

Having fallen upon our generation, numerous challenges strengthened sense of national identity, developed independence of Ukrainian society, its readiness to take initiative in ones hands and make an impact on political processes in state. The next display of social development in Ukraine is going to be “civil diplomacy”.

What does civil diplomacy mean in our understanding? It’s active involvement of Ukrainian civil society to theoretical providing and practical implementation of Ukrainian external policy. This idea was based on establishment of “Civil diplomacy foundation” – tool of social authority, appointed to use channels of social communication for maintenance and assistance in realization of Ukrainian national interests. Foundation is a civil project, so everybody can join to its activities. According to your interests and abilities you can become:

volunteer, wishing to make a contribute in organization of event interesting for you;
expert, able to prepare creative initiative or analytical material, interesting for international expert community and representatives of foreign countries political establishment;
civil diplomat, chosen by people for lobbying Ukrainian position on international negotiating platforms, arranging connections with foreign civil activists and development of effective communicational platform;
student, ready to participate in modern educational events, conferences and trainings, which allow you to get acquaintance with leading international experience, famous international experts and diplomats.
There, were politicians failed to compromise and guns won’t help both sides of conflict, begins civil diplomacy. Only in this way we can improve past mistakes, respond to challenges of nowadays and prevent future threats. Join our collective project, become a volunteer or creator of Ukrainian self-determination on international political map and remember that future is in civil diplomacy!
Our team
Naychuk Anton
Ph.D in political sciences. Founder of private organization “International center of progressive researches”, that was specialized upon strategic forecasts of political processes and preparation of road map for foreign investments in Ukraine. Member of the Advisory Board in the state organization Ukrainian Institute. Have experience in political consulting, holding of trainings in spheres of political communications and political modeling. Author of scientific and analytical publications in Ukraine and abroad. Interested in international relations, political processes in post-soviet space and informational campaigns.
Reshmedilova Alexandra
Political scientist, analyst, PhD
Specialist in the fields of political consulting, domestic political processes and international relations. The author of numerous publications and scientific articles. Lead analyst at the International Information and Analysis Center «Development of Ukraine». Political expert at leading TV and radio channels in Ukraine. Coordinator of the educational department of the online project «Skills Academy». Co-author and host of the programs «UkrLikes» and «UkrLife». Was engaged in the development of teaching materials for educational institutions and projects.
Kasap Eugen
Political engineer, journalist, civil activist.
Expert of Progressive, assistant and consultant of Ukrainian state deputy. Fiduciary of Kamenets-Podolskiy Mayor in 2015. Author of scientific and publicistic articles.
Hnydyuk Oleksandr
Political engineer, author of scientific and publicist articles in geopolitics and electoral system.
Works with sociological researches.
Directions of activities
  • creation of functional communicational platform for cooperation with foreign experts and political establishment;
  • organization and conduction of subject conferences, round tables, discussion clubs, trainings and educational seminars with involvement of famous experts;
  • realization of projects in the frames of deepening international partnership and development of intergovernmental dialog;
  • lobbying Ukrainian national interests through the civil communicational channels;
  • preparation of analytical researches and producing effective strategy of Ukrainian external policy;
  • formation of negotiation platforms for establishing contacts between Ukrainian entrepreneurs and foreign business circles;
  • providing educational activities for future diplomats, experts on international issues and active representatives of Ukrainian civil society by engaging leading international experience.